Friday, December 30, 2011

David Fincher's Last Name is Like a Bird

I have not seen the tattoo movie and have held off on seeing the Swedish version so that I can go into Fincher's with fresh eyes. But by the time I see it, everyone will be onto something else, so I thought I'd write a special post so I don't feel left out. I have listed all the David Fincher movies I've seen with a haiku for each one. Enjoy.

The Social Network
Who is Zuckerberg?
He screwed everyone over
This movie's not true

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Pitt's an old baby
Just a backwards Forrest Gump?
Not in my book, pal

Violence at the start
Suspenseful at the finish
In between I slept

Panic Room
The next time someone
Breaks into your house don't for-
Get the insulin

Fight Club
I wish my other
Personality was as
Hot as Brad Pitt is

The Game
Need new perspective?
Next time take a vacation
It's a lot cheaper

What's in the box, Finch?
I will not watch this nightmare
Not ever again


  1. The hyphenated one is a little cheaty. The rest are really funny. Fight Club is my favorite.

  2. It would have been cheating if I hadn't done it intentionally. My experiment was to come up with a 17 syllable statement that wasn't broken into verses. The hyphen was unfortunate, but I honestly didn't spend nearly enough time writing these as the idea deserved.