Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weeds Season 6

I finished watching this last night. Some nice developments in Andy's and Silas's characters, but Nancy's shenanigans are really getting old. I'm finding it hard to find any sympathy in me for her character at all. She's just so self-destructive. And I hate how she keeps dragging Andy into her messes. He might be the main reason I keep watching the show. I'm pretty happy about how the season ended, actually. Overall it was interesting and kept my attention, despite the tired plot devices. The show is good at keeping you hooked from one episode to another, I'll say that for it.
We've been watching season one of Big Bang Theory as a family and are almost finished with it. I wasn't too keen on the show initially, but it's been growing on me. Sheldon is definitely the reason the show is any good at all. I'm behind on all your posts because you guys like to seem to have big discussions when I'm not writing and then shut up when I'm active for a few days. You're all leading me on. Just like Nancy with Andy!

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  1. Checking in on my poor lonely blog and trying to catch up on everyone else too. We have been watching Weeds too! I am agreeing with your post here regarding Nancy. I stopped watching it a few months ago. Nancy was getting to be a bit too much. Actually haven't watched much television at all since. I do like Andy. Poor schmuck!