Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Importing Flixster Reviews to Letterboxd

Today was a triumphant day as I finally finished figuring out how to import my Flixster reviews (all 872) into Letterboxd. Letterboxd can import reviews, but they have to follow a specific format. Here's the post from letterboxd feedback that got me started (courtesy of lestyn Lloyd):

I followed this guide for getting the JSON file and converting to CSV, if you know what you're doing it takes 2 minutes http://melitamihaljevic.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/sunday-hacking-get-your-movie-ratings.html
- Login to Facebook 
- Access the Flixster page in the apps menu 
- Once on the Flixster FB app, access your Account via the profile 
- Under your account, you'll see a link to access your ratings, click on this - mine was 350 movies, hence me wanting to get these out and doing this 
- This only displays 8 movies at a time though, and you need to click on Load More at the bottom of the page 
- In the URL however, you'll see your Flixster user ID e.g. http://www.flixster.com/user/xxxxxxxxx/ratings/ a ~9 digit number shown here by x's - make a note of this number 
- Now insert your Flixster ID number into the following URL:https://www.flixster.com/api/users/xxxxxxxxx/movies/ratings?scoreTypes=numeric&page=1&limit=zzzadjusting limit=zzz where this is the number of ratings you made for movies (mine was 350). You can also adjust page if you like. With 350 mine took ages to load but it did complete 
- The JSON code may look like gibberish so you may want to go tohttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jsonview/chklaanhfefbnpoihckbnefhakgolnmc and install this extension for Google's Chrome browser which will allow you to view it in a more meaningful manner 
- You can go to File > Save As... and save the JSON file to your computer.
SO, I got as far as the JSON file, which is pretty much one long string of numbers and text on a web page. I tried saving it to my computer, but it didn't automatically assign it a file extension, so Windows didn't know how to open it. So I poked around online to see I could do an online conversion, and found the best one (or should I say the only one that converted it the way it supposed to) right here: http://konklone.io/json/. I copied and pasted the JSON text into the converter. What I got then was a CSV file--basically a spreadsheet with all the information in it. I then tried uploading the file into letterboxd, but it wouldn't take it. So I looked again at the import rules and saw that there had to be specific category headings, like "Year," "Rating," "Title," etc. which were different that the headings Flixster had. Once I went in and changed the appropriate ones (letterboxd just ignored anything extraneous), the file loaded relatively quickly. I went through the list and sorted out any films letterboxd hadn't found (typically because of specific wording in the title), and imported the ratings. Voila! Six years of film ratings and reviews reclaimed! And I now have a CSV backup of all my Flixster reviews. 
I do love the Internet.

My Letterboxd Films: 2013 vs. 2014

The end of 2014 marked the end of two full years of logging films on Letterboxd. Because I am a PRO member (only 19 bucks a year, well worth it!) I get an analysis of my watching, from films per week to most watched directors, etc. Here's a brief rundown of the past two years.

I watched 120 films in 2014 vs. 125 in 2013, which averages down to 2.3 vs. 2.4 films a week. In 2014, there were 14 weeks in which I watched 4 or more films vs. 8 in which I did not watch any at all. My max was 6 films in a week, which I did 4 times throughout the year. Total watch time: 213.4 hours.

In 2013, there were 11 weeks in which I watched 4 or more films vs. 13 in which I did not watch any. My max was 8 films in a week, from Dec 17-23 (this was when I had two free months of MUBI and was watching at least a film a day). I also watched 7 movies in a week 4 times. From August 27 to September 30, 2013, I watched a whopping 32 films! Total watch time: 213.6 hours.

My Letterboxd Films: Movies I've Watched Sorted By Decade

Some more fun stats from Letterboxd. Films I have watched in
2010s: 236
2000s: 633
1990s: 106
1980s: 96
1970s: 65
1960s: 51
1950s: 31
1940s: 21
1930s: 11
1920s: 8
1910s: 1 (Birth of a Nation, baby!)
I'm definitely a modern film kinda guy, I guess.

My Letterboxd Films: Ratings Analysis

I so love letterboxd's (try pronouncing that) sorting capabilities. Here's my ratings breakdown, followed by a little analysis of my rating tendencies.
5 stars: 22 films
4.5 stars: 72
4 stars: 273
3.5 stars: 284
3 stars: 257
2.5 stars: 125
2 stars: 64
1.5 stars: 19
1 star: 11
.5 stars: 3 films
So, evidently I don't *really* hate or *really* love too many films. Sometimes I think I'm too forgiving of cinema, so it was nice to see at least that I've only given 5 star ratings to 1.9% of my films. Add 4.5 star films and you're still at less than 10% (8.3). But then my tendency to generally like everything I see shows itself clearly, with 3 to 4 star ratings accounting for a whopping 72% of my films. At 2 1/2 stars, the good and the bad balance each other out, so it's really in a category by itself as I'm on the fence about whether I like or don't like the film. At 2 stars, there are some bright spots, but I have a generally negative view of the film. Below that, I pretty much thoroughly dislike a film, and to be honest, whether I rate a film .5, 1, or 1.5 stars depends on how annoyed I am that my time was wasted by the film (I know I could stop watching, but I have this weird OCD thing about having to finish a film once I start it, even if it takes months or years). Everything from 2.5 stars and under only accounts for 18% of my watching, with films I actually dislike in some measure taking up only 8.3% (weird, just like the highest ratings) of the pile.