Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peeping Tom

Oh man oh man I loved this film. I don't know that I can say anything insightful about it, but everything I've read about it being ahead of its time is absolutely true. Almost everything about it was perfect: the pacing, the soundtrack, the acting, the suspense, the lighting, the cinematopgraphy. This may be the best serial killer/horror film I've ever seen (as opposed to straight-up slasher--e.g. Se7en is serial killer horror, while Friday the XIII is slasher). I was riveted the whole time. Okay, one small complaint. The scene in the studio with the redhead dancing around did go on a tad long; it lessened the suspense as a result.
The actor who plays the young man does a phenomenal job of portraying the tension of having severe emotional problems while wanting to be whole and human. He wasn't evil; he was really screwed up, and it's easy for the audience to sympathize. The blind mother was a hoot and a great strong character to contrast Mark's.
Before the film even ended, I found myself looking for copies on eBay/Amazon. I think I want to own this movie.
It's on NWI, but only until July 1st. Have you seen this, Jeff? I think it's a film we could agree on.

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