Monday, June 18, 2012

Jeff is Entitled to His Opinion

I'm not calling you on criticizing Transformers; I'm calling you on using the same tactics that people who don't understand or appreciate things like modern art or philosophy or foreign films use to do so, especially when you're clearly an intelligent young man and can articulate much more effectively than by calling something "shit." My opinion is that if something is not to my taste or if I simply don't like it, that's one thing, but to relegate it to the trash bin simply because I personally can't see the value in it indicates a lack of balanced perspective on my part. "I was so bored by Transformers that I was staring at the walls of the theater" says a lot more to me than "Transformers is shit." And I respect a statement like the former much more. But that's just my opinion :).

Transformers is certainly not above reproach. Your comments about "appealing to populism" and "defending the extremely wealthy" are valid, except that's not exactly my intent. My intent is to validate the opinions and tastes of the many people who liked Transformers. They're not idiots or shit-lovers; they just are looking for something different in a moviegoing experience. I think that should be okay, relatively speaking.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty sure that blockbuster films are socially, environmentally and economically irresponsible on a global level. But I can't seem to stop getting excited by the prospect of watching giant robots beat the crap out of each other.

You didn't think I was referring to you with the no personality comment, did you? I'm not that subtle, to be honest.

My bad for the ignorant statement about your experience with horror films. I don't think I'm confusing you with Chris, I just associate you so strongly with old movies and loving them almost unequivocally (I said "almost") and then conversely holding the newer stuff you see (particularly what's mainstream) to what seems like much higher standards. In that regard, I confess I think of you like I used to think of John (though when he said he got tired of watching old movies at that festival he went to, I think my opinion changed somewhat). You don't write about watching horror movies nearly as much as Brandon and I (and Adrienne, even) do, so I know less about your experience with them. On a side note, speaking of you and old movies, where on earth do you get what you watch from? And how do you even know what to watch? I am astounded by the number of films from the 1930-1965 or so that you've seen.

For the record, I don't consider "you don't like it so you must not understand it" to be a valid argument. But I do consider "you have a limited experience with it so you don't understand it" to be completely valid. I was just uneducated about your experience with horror films. I don't think you don't understand Transformers or even its appeal; there's not much to understand there. I just don't think it's fair to dismiss anything out of hand. I think you can learn something or find something to appreciate in just about anything or anyone, if you're willing to tale the time to do so. If you (or anyone) isn't, it's on you (and me) to take responsibility for not wanting to put the effort into trying to like something.

I keep wondering if my dislike for Breathless or Lonely Are the Brave might be cited in light of all my arguments, so let me put both potential criticisms to rest. Lonely Are the Brave is a good film; I just had an emotional response to it and didn't want it to end the way it did. As for Godard, I don't like his films because I absolutely don't understand them. Plain and simple :).

I'm glad my comment about you and John liking not liking films got such a good response. I'm learning that if I want film club to comment on my posts, I have to insult someone. All in good fun. But you and John do seem to dislike a fairly decent amount of films, at least relative to someone like me, and I can't figure out how to account for it. And it's not, as John says, because I've got shit in my eyes.

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