Thursday, January 12, 2012

Indulging Jeffrey (Top Ten Woody Allen)

I've only seen 10 Woody Allen films (and one partial), some of them a number of years ago. But, just for kicks, I'll make Jeffrey a Top Ten (or Only Ten) list of Woody Allen films I've seen.

I discovered that I haven't seen Annie Hall! I think I got Diane Keaton from Manhattan mixed up with Diane Keaton from Annie Hall. And I also discovered I had seen A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy. But it was a long time ago, so I don't remember much about it. I couldn't even tell you when I saw it. Probably late at night.

So this is going to be a crappy Top Ten list, but I love ya, Jeff, so here goes:

1. Love and Death (First Woody film that really made an impression on me)
2. What's Up, Tiger Lily (Controversial for #2, probably, but I really get a kick out of this film)
3. Zelig (see previous post)
4. Scoop (loved the chemistry between Allen and Johansson)
5. Midnight in Paris (oh so charming!)
6. Sleeper (funny but a bit too ridiculous)
7. A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (may not be accurately placed because I don't remember much)
8. Match Point (I liked the film, but infidelity doesn't really entertain me)
9. Hannah and Her Sisters (his obsessive neurotic stuff does nothing for me)
10. Manhattan (overly self-indulgent as well as obsessive neurotic)

Belongs in the Toilet:
Melinda and Melinda
This movie was so boring I stopped watching it. I couldn't stand it and turned it off in disdain. Only one other film holds that distinction: Super Troopers.

The stuff that's low ranked I didn't necessarily dislike but it wasn't so much to my taste. It takes a lot for me to dislike a film (I'm talking to you, Godard).


  1. Turned off Super Troopers?!?
    That is a classic!
    A horrible movie, for sure - but a classic.

    1. You would be surprised at all the movies I *haven't* turned off, so when I do, it means it's really really bad.