Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer of the Blockbuster

Looks like you and I will be headed in different directions for a couple of months, John. I get to see films in the theater so infrequently I decided I've had enough and am going to see as many big budget blockbusters as I can this summer. It helps that there's a lot of comics-based stuff; okay, it's the main reason I've made the decision. To boot, I've got a 13-year-old son who wants to see them all with me--score! Say what you will about the blockbuster film, but BIG EXPLOSIONS sound so much better in the theater than they do at home, even with my $10 garage-sale speakers hooked up to the TV.

Brandon, I loved the first Hangover, but the second was just (yawn--I can't even finish that sentence). As for Super 8, I would recommend it because, as I said, the kids are the stars and they make the film what it is. I could watch them interact with each other for another two hours. Homesick aliens, whatever.

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