Thursday, June 16, 2011

No One's Getting Kicked Out

Lisa, Lisa. Nobody cares what any of us thinks about movies except for us (and maybe a few lurkers). There is no criteria for film club except the willingness to spout your opinion on the internet about what you're watching so we can read it and spout our own equally useless opinion in reply. You should have seen John and Brandon go at before the rest of you joined. If there was any kind of criteria for the club then, they likely weren't meeting it either.

That said, I LOVED your assessment of Before/After Sunset. Particularly enlightening was the female perspective on what the pressure to be the "perfect indie movie girl" is like. Because you're right; there's a lot of male idealization and objectification going on. We're used to the pressure of trying to find a girl like that, but it can't compare to trying to be that girl. Thanks for the reality check. I still love those movies, but you make me want to watch them again with your observations in mind.

I can't make any distinctions myself between "best" and "favorite," so I'm with you there. Top 10 lists totally stress me out, which is why I make it clear when I make my lists that I'm always talking about favorites.

Speaking of which, I'm currently working on a "favorite instrumental film scores" list, so stay tuned. And if anyone's got one ready already, feel free to share.

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