Monday, April 11, 2011

Kubrick's Rube

I'm not actually sure what that means. I just thought it was a great title for a blog post. So I'm writing one about Kubrick though I don't think I have much to add, since I've only read the most recent posts about the Kubrick discussion. I would say that he comes across as cynical in his films, but they're so masterfully done, maybe you don't think about it too much. I've never really considered whether or not he was anti-life. I just get lost in the story. As a filmgoer who tends to respond primarily to visuals in movies (as opposed to being very good at figuring out themes), Kubricks never fails to disappoint. His range is also impressive: horror, war, sci-fi, historical fiction (I haven't seen that one yet), etc. I think my favorite might actually be Full Metal Jacket, though I've only seen four so far. I like that FMJ is two movies. I like that it doesn't seem to have a point. Neither does war, so maybe in this film Kubrick and his subject really gel well.
I wrote a little more about FMJ (and some other Vietnam War films) here: War Movies

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