Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Missed the Party

Well, not only did I not have the day off yesterday, I had to work late. So, so sorry I missed out on the high quality discussion John and Brandon were having. Unfortunately, I saw Lost in Translation too long ago to offer any opinions on the issues in question. Emotional infidelity is a real thing, I will say, but it's a lot more blurry than the physical kind. I leave it to individual couples to define their own parameters.

I'm sorry you weren't impressed with True Stories, John. Maybe it's because you didn't also experience your son giggling like he was 6 again (except during the musical routines when he kept asking when the movie was going to end) and your wife bobbing and swaying on the couch while singing along. It definitely enhanced the experience for me.

In other less exciting news, I watched an episode of Blue Mountain State last night. Season 2 is way better than the first season. It's still lowest-common-denominator type entertainment, but entertaining nonetheless. I also caught up with 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Shame, shame! It's a comedy, people! No fair dropping that bomb the episode before last. Any fans of HIMYM here?

Apparently, my subconscious mind  has interpreted John's love of La Moustache as an obsession with the retro facial hair style itself, and I think of him every time I hear "Mustache Man" from CAKE's new album. So, John, I officially dedicate the song to you. I've been enjoying the album very much. There's plenty of that classic sound for CAKE fans to love, and enough that's new to keep us coming back for more.

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