Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Clockwork Owen

Brandon, I'm #5 in line at the library for Piranha. I'll come to your defense before too long, I'm sure. Of course if you suffer much more abuse from John, I may just have to sacrifice a few bucks to get it from Blockbuster that much sooner.
Dogtooth is #1 in my NWI queue.
The copy of Julien Donkey Boy John sent me is on top of a stack of DVDs in plain sight.
I'll be able to join the fray soon, I promise.

The King's Speech is stunning in its cinematography. pace, casting, and characterization. I could find no fault with it, except that maybe it was a touch too long. But my dozing off the moment the credits started might have more to do with how much sleep I had last night. It's not just a story of a man overcoming a huge obstacle, but one about class and friendship and family and prejudice as well. I don't know much about the actual history of the film, but I hope to goodness that Albert/George VI was even three-quarters the man he was portrayed to be on film. It was funny, dramatic, and epic in all the right places and deserves its many nominations.

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