Friday, February 26, 2010

A Town Called Panic and Three Films From Blockbuster

The film blew me away. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Aubier and Patar do stop-motion animation with little figurines that look like the plastic and metal toys popularized in the fifties (think plastic army men if I'm not being clear). The guy who did the intro at the theater said that they made about 200 different little toys of each character that they used for various poses during the course of the film. The main characters are Horse, Cowboy, and Indian. Horse wears the pants in the family, so to speak, and the other two are pretty much childish, trouble-making hangers on. Steven, who yells all the time, lives across the road on a farm with his wife. In their feature-film debut, Cowboy and Indian accidentally order too many bricks to make Horse a barbecue for his birthday, and all kinds of unexpected things happen as a result. I mean seriously unexpected. And hilarious. Did I mention that?

It was a TV show before-- twenty episodes were made, about 5 minutes per episode. I discovered that they are available on iTunes (albeit dubbed, unfortunately) and I plan on purchasing them in the near future. A Town Called Panic cheered me up like few films have in recent memory.

John, we stopped at Blockbuster on the way back from the film to get a present for a party Ethan's going to tomorrow. I picked up American Splendor for two bucks, and Stranger Than Paradise and The Edukators for four dollars apiece. Paradise is one of the few Jarmusch films I haven't seen yet, so I particularly excited to find that one. Edukators I hadn't heard of beforehand, but the premise seemed interesting. Splendor I'd seen awhile ago, but I really enjoyed it. And it was two bucks.

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