Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Letterboxd Films: Ratings Analysis

I so love letterboxd's (try pronouncing that) sorting capabilities. Here's my ratings breakdown, followed by a little analysis of my rating tendencies.
5 stars: 22 films
4.5 stars: 72
4 stars: 273
3.5 stars: 284
3 stars: 257
2.5 stars: 125
2 stars: 64
1.5 stars: 19
1 star: 11
.5 stars: 3 films
So, evidently I don't *really* hate or *really* love too many films. Sometimes I think I'm too forgiving of cinema, so it was nice to see at least that I've only given 5 star ratings to 1.9% of my films. Add 4.5 star films and you're still at less than 10% (8.3). But then my tendency to generally like everything I see shows itself clearly, with 3 to 4 star ratings accounting for a whopping 72% of my films. At 2 1/2 stars, the good and the bad balance each other out, so it's really in a category by itself as I'm on the fence about whether I like or don't like the film. At 2 stars, there are some bright spots, but I have a generally negative view of the film. Below that, I pretty much thoroughly dislike a film, and to be honest, whether I rate a film .5, 1, or 1.5 stars depends on how annoyed I am that my time was wasted by the film (I know I could stop watching, but I have this weird OCD thing about having to finish a film once I start it, even if it takes months or years). Everything from 2.5 stars and under only accounts for 18% of my watching, with films I actually dislike in some measure taking up only 8.3% (weird, just like the highest ratings) of the pile.

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