Thursday, May 30, 2013


1. What film hit you at the right place and right time, pertaining to and illuminating things that were happening in your life the moment you saw it? 

The Mission. Though it does that pretty much every time I see it (I'm due for another viewing)

2. What would be your top 5 ranked Pixar films? 

1) Brave 2) WALL-E 3) Toy Story 4) Monsters, Inc. 5) The Incredibles
Yeah, that first one surprised me, too. Despite my issues with aspects of the film, Brave has a well-written strong female character that is a nice counterpoint to all those girly-girl princesses.

3. What movie/movies had the biggest negative effect on you?

Se7en and Fargo. I know, I know. But it had everything to do with where I was in my life at the time. Despite how good they are, they are both deeply disturbing films, you must admit.

4. What seasons seem to inspire you to see and write about films the most and least?

No idea. Depends on how busy I am. Maybe summer, because that's when all the superhero movies come out?

5. What are five movies that you love that you feel comfortable never seeing again?

To be honest, most films I never revisit. In relation to all I've seen, I have watched very few films more than once.

6. What anticipated 2013 film/films are you feeling the most uneasy about expectation wise?

This is blasphemy, I'm sure, but I don't really pay attention to what's coming out until I see a trailer for it. Or until someone in film club mentions it. I try not to have high expectations regardless.

7. Likewise, what former favorite actors are trudging down dangerous territory for you, also what actors have already strayed down the path to the point in which their name now means nothing? I’m realizing now that this is a mean sounding question.

I used to really like Nic Cage, but now...Well, you know.

8. What is your take on a screenwriter’s impact on a film’s success, in other words how much of an auteurist are you?

That's hard to say. If it's also the director, I'd say it has a huge impact. If it's not, it depends on how good the director is at translating a screenwriter's voice. Sometimes a good screenwriter and a godo director will cancel each other out because they can't morph their styles from one to the other.

9. What types of “provocative” cinematic trends/ideas still feel fresh, which seem to be losing their oomph in the modern age of self awareness?

I have no idea. Questions like this make me feel dumb.

10. What’s your favorite horror film of the 1990s (that isn’t SCREAM)?

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge. Surprisingly good historical fiction/horror combo. You don't ned to see #1 or #2 to appreciate it, either.

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