Wednesday, February 29, 2012

P.S. to Brandon

I always forget how personally attached we all get to films that we like. I'm sorry I said that the movie was stupid. I don't really think it was stupid, but, as I said in my response to Jeffrey, the film left me feeling very discouraged and raw. So imagine me saying "stupid' the way a six year old might, and you get the tone of the title of my post.

Furthermore, learning that Trumbo wrote it may actually entirely change the way I see the picture. Now, instead of a director trying to make a point in an obvious and manipulative way, you've got an individual who is full of frustration and been hurt by the system writing a personal story about how he feels about it. This change of opinion probably makes me sound wishy-washy, but I've been afforded the oportunity to view the film from a different perspective. And honestly, the film looks entirely different now. The ending feels like a punch in the gut because Trumbo feels punched in the gut--he'd put his heart into an industry that sold him out.

It still doesn't change the points I made about a film not having to be negative to talk about negative things, but those things may not apply to this film at all. When it comes to someone's personal story, all bets are off.

and regardless of my ranting and raving, you can see that the film impacted me in a significant way. I never tried to say I thought it was a bad film. I actually loved it, right up until the end. And then I was angry with it for leaving me feeling hung out to dry. Which is probably how Trumbo felt, so it makes more sense now.

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