Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Chair

Welcome, Ben! It's nice to see that I'm no longer in the minority when it comes to old films. I do try to go back and watch this one and that one, but I have to confess to being attracted more to the bright colors and code-less storytelling of contemporary film. That is in no way a criticism, Brandon and John, it's just an honest admission.
John, you suck. Leave my Facebook friends (all 500 of them) alone! I came your way by starting this blog; I dare you to comment on one of my Flixster reviews. Or could you not debase yourself so?

I'm gonna have to start taking notes if you guys keep up this posting pace! I always have a ton of thoughts while I'm reading and then forget them all when I start writing. So I'll just stick with the stuff that's foremost in my mind.

Tree of Life: I'm missing something here. You guys are all excited about it. What's the deal?

True Grit: Check out this blog post by Adrienne--
with all our talk about westerns, you'd get a kick out her perspective. If you do read it, leave her a comment and tell her I sent you. She'd get a kick out of that.

Netflix Instant Watch: It's funny how we all have this. I've only recently started subscribing, and I never would have known anyone else had it except for when John mentioned it. It's kind of like how until you've tried pot, you don't know anyone who smokes. But after just the first time, all of a sudden they come out of the woodwork. Like, um, people who have Netflix. I noticed that a few of Truffaut's films are on Instant Watch. I'm hoping to watch them as soon as I stop getting distracted by Drawn Together.

Aronofsky: I would call myself a fan, but I do see Brandon's points. Visually, his work is very compelling and beautiful. But there is a certain degree of detachment evident in his work. Even the Wrestler, perhaps his most accessible and straightforward film, has a main character who is detached from reality. I find myself always getting excited about his stuff and liking his films, but not recalling them much afterwards. The Wrestler was a bit of an exception, but it too faded after awhile. His films still typically make it onto my wanna-see list based on his involvement alone. Pi is still brilliant and might be his best work, as far as the whole package goes.

John, I'd forgotten about the music videos in Beavis and Butthead. Like I said, I'd only seen a few episodes, and because in those days I was only listening to Christian music, I didn't have a frame of reference for the bands. You're right, it's a big loss. They're still funny without it, but it's too bad they had to cut the videos. Watch the episode where Beavis and Butthead make an animated short (it's in season 2, one of the first three Netflix episodes).

Will I finally catch you all up on my movie watching? Or will I get up from my bed and get a bowl of ice cream? Or both? Stay tuned.

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